season 2007-19

With seven national titles, nine Swiss Cups and more than twenty participations in the main European competitions since its creation in 1896, the "LS" is one of the historic clubs of Swiss football and one of its most prestigious representatives.


FC Lausanne-Sport will return to the elite of Swiss football by joining the Raiffeisen Super League in the 2016-2017 season.


With the relegation over, Alain Joseph, the club's president, now wants to rebuild on a solid foundation in order to play in the Super League for the LS's entry into its new stadium in 2019, but also to be able to stabilise there.


"The LS is more Waldensian than ever. Young talents trained locally, surrounded by managers back in their home club. The club's new policy is intended to be regional in order to strengthen the love of the jersey and enable fans and partners to identify with their team! »


Alain Joseph, President of FC Lausanne-Sport


A policy advocating the enhancement of the excellent work of Team Vaud, the return of a few experienced players to their training club, more than ever the LS is intended to bring people together and represent an entire canton!


The LS Management invites you to join the movement and participate in the adventure through a whole series of services ranging from sponsorship to hospitality and corporate events.


The only watchword being Go Lausanne!