Founded in 2000 under the name Christmas Tree Festival and renamed Festival Arbres et Lumières in 2004, the objective has always remained the same, namely: to meet the public, make them think, feel and dream by offering them cultural openings around a wooded site. When it was created, the Fondation Art Project took up the challenge of inviting contemporary artists to the City of Geneva to express Beauty & Poetry by taking an urban tree as its starting point. After 10 editions, we can say that it has been fully achieved because, to date, more than a hundred artists have exhibited their works during the Festival in Geneva.


The Tree and Light Festival, a unique event of its kind, shines each year beyond Switzerland's borders. In 2008, it successfully invested in another European city: Luxembourg, where it hosted ten creations for a month. Throughout these years, the Festival has continued to grow in value with the arrival of renowned Swiss and foreign artists such as the German Nils Udo, the Japanese Keiishi Tahara, the Spanish Jaume Plensa, the Genevans John Armleder and Christian Marclay, the French Daniel Buren, Jean-Luc Vilmouth and Claude Lévêque. In order to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Festival welcomes with honour the artists who have marked this decade: Simona Braga, Ron Haselden, Géraud Périole and the TILT collective.